MV Giamani Diving Insurance

When diving with MV Giamani you are already covered by our complimentary basic insurance for diving accidents, however, this basic policy is not covering the costs for Evacuation and Search & Rescue. Because of this, we ask all our diving guests to show proof of valid personal diving insurance.

DiveAssure Dive & Travel Insurance

Looking for scuba diving accident coverage when diving abroad? DiveAssure’s annual or short-term diving accident programs offer the coverage you need. Choose between two levels of diving accident programs to cover your diving activities. Programs include coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuations, hyperbaric treatments and much more

DiveAssure Dive Insurance

DAN World – Short-Term Diving Insurance

DAN (Divers Alert Network) is another globally renowned Scuba Diving Insurance provider and the world’s largest organization dedicated to scuba diving safety. MV Giamani can assist you in getting a DAN Diving Insurance short-term coverage for your Thailand Liveaboard trip at the following rates and benefits:

DAN Insurance Short-term Rates:

  • 1 Day coverage – US$ 10 / person
  • 2 Day coverage – US$ 20 / person
  • 3-5 Day coverage – US$ 30 / person
  • 6-10 Day coverage – US$ 40 / person
  • 11-30 Day coverage – US$ 50 / person

Covered benefits*:

  • US$ 100,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation & Medical Repatriation
  • US$ 100,000 Dive Accident Medical Expenses
  • US$ 10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • US$ 10,000 Search & Rescue
  • US$ 5,000 Repatriation of Remains
  • US$ 3,000 Extra Transportation / Accommodation
  • US$ 2,000 Lost Diving Equipment (Loss must be the result of a diving accident)

Download Description of Coverage (Policy)

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