Koh Bon Pinnacle

An absolutely spectacular Thailand dive site

Koh Bon Pinnacle – Dive Site Info

Rating by MV Giamani: ★★★

Location: Koh Bon Island
Type: submerged pinnacle
Depth: 18-40+ m
Visibility: 20-40+ m
Difficulty: intermediate / advanced
Current: moderate / very strong
Cruise: 4D/4N and 6D/6N – high season

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Koh Bon Pinnacle – Description

Koh Bon Pinnacle, also known as Hin Luang (Yellow Rock in Thai Language), is a huge submerged rock situated about 200 meters off Koh Bon Island’s west ridge. The dive site offers unique underwater scenery, as the dark-colored volcanic rock is mostly covered by bright yellow soft corals creating a beautiful contrast of colors. With its summit at 18 meters of depth and the bottom reaching over 40 meters, Koh Bon Pinnacle is one of the deepest dives of our MV Giamani cruise, at least in terms of average depth. There is no buoy/line marking the pinnacle and the dive site is often subject to fairly strong currents, which combined with the depth makes it necessary to do a negative entry at the beginning of the dive. This is in order to reach the pinnacle as soon as possible and seek protection, avoiding a hard fight with the current in the blue. As a consequence, Koh Bon Pinnacle is normally a dive suitable to experienced divers only. Besides the breathtaking topography, Koh Bon Pinnacle also hosts an incredible amount of marine life. The usual tropical reef fish are swarming all over the pristine coral reef, and predators such as Trevally and Tunas are often hunting in schools, providing us with a spectacular show. The sandy area on the deep side often holds some nice surprises, as giant groupers, leopard sharks and huge marble rays are sometimes spotted there. On top of it all, Koh Bon Pinnacle and Koh Bon Ridge are some of the top hot spots for oceanic Manta Rays in Thailand! Despite the many “distractions” on the reef, it’s important to always keep an eye to the blue as the huge mantas can make their appearance at any time, especially in the period between January and April. Getting one of these amazing creatures flying over you will be the apecks of an already unforgettable dive.  Needless to say, Koh Bon Pinnacle is one of our top favorite Thailand Dive Sites.


Koh Bon Pinnacle – Video


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