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Koh Tachai Reef – Dive Site Info

Rating by MV Giamani: ★★★★+

Location: Koh Tachai Island
Type: reef / slope
Depth: 5-20+ m
Visibility: 20-40+ m
Difficulty: beginner / intermediate
Current: none / strong
Cruise: 4D/4N and 6D/6N – high season

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Koh Tachai Reef – Description

There are in fact three reefs around Koh Tachai Island. We usually dive on the southeastern reef (starting from the southern tip of the island to the south end of the beach), however, we also occasionally dive the western Koh Tachai Reef (from the headland between the two small bays to the northern tip). In any case, the conditions on the three dive sites are quite similar, the reefs are characterized by coral blocks and bommies scattered on sloping sand. The maximum depth on these reefs is around 20 meters, making them perfect dive sites for our sunset dive. The reef itself is pretty lively with all types of tropical reef fish moving around, Damsels, Parrot Fish, Red Tooth Trigger Fish, Snappers and Wrasse just to name a few. At sunset, it’s often possible to witness Trevallies hunting the small fish on the Koh Tachai reef. On particularly lucky dives at Koh Tachai Reef it is also possible to spot Leopard Sharks or Black Tip Reef Sharks,  and more commonly in the sandy patches, there are good chances to see the small Blue Spotted Stingrays. The current can at time be moderate or strong, allowing a nice and effortless drift dive along the long reef. All in all, Koh Tachai Reef is a nice and easy dive site, great to cool off after an action-packed dive at the nearby Koh Tachai Pinnacle.

Koh Tachai Reef – Video


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