Homerun Reef

One of the best Racha Yai Island Dive Sites

Homerun Reef – Dive Site Info

Rating by MV Giamani: ★★★☆

Location: Racha Islands
Type: sloping reef
Depth: 3-30 m
Visibility: 15-30+ m
Difficulty: beginner / advanced
Current: mild / strong
Cruise: 2D/3N – summer schedule


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Homerun Reef – Description

Homerun Reef is situated on the northeastern corner of Racha Yai Island. The main reason why it’s called that way is its location, as it’s the nearest point to Phuket/Chalong and usually the last dive of the day for the day trip boats, therefore “on the way home”. Another theory behind the name though is that due to the sometimes strong current pushing north, if the divers are not paying attention they might end up doing what a baseball does during a “homerun”…end up completely off the field! Homerun Reef is mostly made of hard corals including staghorn, branch and pore coral, starting at approximately at 5 meters and sloping down to 20 meters where it meets the sandy bottom.  Homerun Reef is normally suitable for all levels of divers, although sometimes the current pushing north can be quite strong making it a more challenging dive for the less experienced divers. The dive site hosts some nice schools of yellow goatfish and snappers, as well as an abundance of all the other common tropical reef fish. Trumpet and flute fish are also common here. Also, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye in the blue as some interesting pelagics might cruise by, such as trevallies, tunas and occasionally even eagle rays or manta rays!

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