Racha Yai Bay 1

Artificial reef, natural reef, wreck...all in one!

Racha Yai Bay 1 – Dive Site Info

Rating by MV Giamani: ★★★☆

Location: Racha Islands
Type: artificial reef / natural reef / wreck
Depth: 3-25 m
Visibility: 15-30+ m
Difficulty: beginner
Current: none / mild
Cruise: 2D/3N – summer schedule


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Racha Yai Bay 1 – Description

The dive site is comprised of three small bays at the northeastern side of Racha Yai Island (Koh Racha Yai), commonly referred to simply as Racha Yai Bay Number 1. The area makes a nice dive site perfect for the first dive of the MV Giamani trip, as the conditions are usually perfect with good visibility and little to no current. The site is very divers as it includes a natural reef, an artificial reef, and even a small shipwreck. Racha Yai Bay 1 offers plenty of different marine life including several species of moray eels (clouded morays, snowflake morays, fimbriated morays and of course the common giant moray). On the sandy areas is often possible to spot some blue spotted stingrays and sometimes even stonefish. The artificial reef also hosts plenty of life, with various species of fish that hide from the predators inside the concrete cubes, and at times even frogfish can be found there. In the blue, usually circling over the artificial reef area, a large school of resident bigeye barracudas is found during most of the dives at Racha Yai Bay 1. Peacock Mantis Shrimps and different types of nudibranchs are also commonly found crawling over the rocks and artificial reef. The Harruby Liveaboard wreck sits on the sandy bottom at around 20 meters of depth, while the top is at around 14 meters. The boat was sunk on purpose to add a interesting feature to the dive site and was stripped of all the insides making it very safe for penetration. Racha Yai Bay 1 is also one of the best snorkeling spot, thanks to the shallow and lively natural reef that stretches all along the shoreline.

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