Shark Point

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Shark Point – Dive Site Info

Rating by MV Giamani: ★★★★

Location: Shark Point – K. Cruiser & Anemone Reef cluster
Type: pinnacle
Depth: 0-20 m
Visibility: 5-20 m
Difficulty: intermediate / advanced
Current: moderate / strong
Cruise: 2D/2N (high season), 2D/2N (summer season)


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Shark Point – Description

Shark Point dive site, AKA Hin Musang (“wild cat rock” in Thai language) is located in the open sea between Phuket and Phi Phi Islands. The dive site is named that way as in the past it was quite common to spot leopard sharks, while now, probably due to the increased number of boats going there, they are more frequently sighted in other dives sites such as Hin Klai and Hin Bida (Phi Phi Islands). Even with less sharks hanging around compared to the past, Shark Point remains probably the most beautiful dive site in the area as it has some of the healthiest and most pristine coral reef, with marine life of all kinds, shape and size. Shark Point dive site is basically a series of several pinnacles stretching from north to south for a fairly long distance, and exactly because of the distances involved, our dives usually cover only the first two pinnacles. Pinnacle #1 is the only one the breaks the surface and it’s very easily identifiable by the small lighthouse built on it, while all the other pinnacles are completely submerged. The dive can either start on Pinnacle #1 and end at Pinnacle #2 or vice-versa, depending on the direction of the current which at times can be fairly strong. The maximum depth on the sand is just about 20 meters, making is an accessible dive site for all certification levels, although the sometimes strong current and variable visibility can make it a challenging dive for the less experienced divers. Both pinnacles are very rich of marine life, although Pinnacle #2 is absolutely amazing as it hosts the biggest gorgonian sea fans and barrel sponges of all the Phuket and Phi Phi dive sites, as well as rocks completely covered by purple and red soft coral. The amount of fish is also very impressive, as when the visibility is good there are always chances to spot several schools of barracudas (bigeye barracudas, pickhandle barracudas, and chevron barracudas), large trevallies, yellow snappers and much much more. Apart from the bigger marine life, Shark Point also features a lot of macro life including seahorses and ghost pipefish that have consistently been spotted over the years, although hard to find as they can be very well camouflaged. Cuttlefish and squids are also a common sight at Shark Point. Have a look at the pictures above and the video below for better understanding.

Shark Point – Video

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