Shark Fin Reef

Incredible underwater scenery and lots of fish

Shark Fin Reef – Dive Site Info

Rating by MV Giamani: ★★★★★

Location: Similan Islands
Type: semi-submerged pinnacle, boulders
Depth: 0-40 m
Visibility: 20-40+ m
Difficulty: intermediate / advanced
Current: moderate / strong
Cruise: 4D/4N and 6D/6N – high season

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Shark Fin Reef – Description

Shark Fin Reef is a very long line of huge granite boulders extending south and east from Similan Island #3 (Koh Payan). This is as close as boats can get to the Marine Sanctuary on Islands 1 & 2 (Koh Huyong & Koh Payang). Towards the middle part of Shark Fin Reef, the boulders break the surface in a series of peaks looking like a shark – giving the dive site its name. We usually start our dive on the southern side of the pinnacle, which is characterized by a steep slope that meets the sand at about 25 meters. Beside the slope are several big boulders that offer hiding spots for Moray Eels, Lion Fish and Scorpion Fish, while the sandy areas often host Blue Spotted Stingrays and on a lucky dive even Leopard Sharks. Usually, when the current allows it, we proceed northwest following the ridge and gradually shallow up to about 12 meters where there is a flat plateau with several rocks and pretty coral bommies. This is the part of the dive site where most of the fish tends to gather as it’s more exposed to the current. In a crack between rocks on the plateau lies what we can call a hidden gem of Shark Fin Reef, a beautiful Bubble Anemone with very unusual color, as it’s glowing pink! Common sights around the plateau are schools of Unicorn Fish, Surgeon Fish, Snappers and when lucky even a large school of Chevron Barracudas. Some large Napoleon Wrasse can sometimes pass by, as well as the rare and very shy Hump Head Parrot Fish (none of the other Similan Islands Dive Sites offers this opportunity). It’s important to always keep an eye to the blue and the deep areas as some nice surprises can happen, like a Manta Ray passing by or some reef sharks. On days with particularly strong current divers should beware of possible down currents or up currents that affect certain parts of Shark Fin Reef.

Shark Fin Reef – Video


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